What if Amazon were GREEN?

It has occurred to me in the past few years that there is no easy way to purchase products made in the USA.  Why is this? The Made in USA (made in usa) websites are just not as easy as Amazon.  Search, click, buy is what we want to do.  So how do we fix this?

The answer is quite simple, but the solution is a bit more complicated.  Average manufacturing and labor cost is $32.53/hour as of December, according to the BLS. The labor costs are just simply not the same as in other emerging manufacturing countries that do not have as strict labor laws and compensation.

I do have a solution to this equation and it is a mixture between Amazon and Priceline.  Here are the items you consider and some you may not have thought about when you are looking to buy goods………

1. What do I want to buy and how much time do I have to search for it online?

2. Is the product in my price range and who has the best deal?

3. Is it made in USA or out of the country? What is my carbon footprint of this product.

4. How has the manufacturing process affected the environment?

5. Have I contributed to the local economy or are my dollars going over seas?

Most consumers will only want to see items 1 and 2 which is why Amazon makes a ton of cash.  They bet on the fact we want the cheapest price, but I say we want more.  Shame on you Amazon lets bring back economic stability to the USA by giving manufacturing companies a chance to bid on the consumers product searches?

I believe if given the chance and the simplicity to buy goods in a sustainable way at an acceptable price we would jump at the opportunity to help our neighbors.

Food for thought! Let me know if you want to make this happen and bring sustainable change.

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